Conquering Confidence &
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Learn to overcome self-doubt, become genuinely confident, and speak up for what you need, all while improving the relationships with the people in your life

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10 Strategies to Build Confidence & Improve the Relationships in Your Life

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About Me

A few years ago, I hit a low point when I got drunk at a concert and flipped out at the guy I was seeing because he wasn’t paying enough attention to me. It wasn’t pretty.

That’s when I realized I was tired of feeling clingy and desperate. I was tired of overthinking. I was tired of self-sabotaging. I was tired of bottling up my emotions and pretending to be someone I’m not to get people to like me.

So I decided to get my shit together. I went back to therapy. I started reading about psychology, relationships, and communication. I devoured books about confidence.

I found my voice and started speaking up for what I need, even when it terrified me. I learned to listen to my gut, and to say “no” to things that didn’t feel right.

Most importantly, I became more true to myself. And the process of doing so led me to try out my dream job, create a relationship I’m incredibly proud of, and build stronger connections with the people in my life.

Now, I’ve made it my mission to help others overcome self-doubt, become genuinely confident, and speak up for what they need in life and at work… All this while also improving their relationships with the people in their lives.