“Nice” vs People Pleasing: The 3 Crucial Differences

Are you being nice or people pleasing? Read on 3 psychological differences between a secure person who is also kind and an insecure person who’s people pleasing. Table of Contents: Nice vs People Pleasing (3 Key Differences) How to tell the difference between people pleasing and just being nice People Pleaser vs Secure Nice Person…

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10 Signs You’re a People Pleaser

Think you might be people pleasing? Check out these 10 signs you might be a people pleaser, and the psychology behind them. Watch the video, or keep reading to learn the 10 most common people pleasing symptoms! Table of Contents: The 10 Symptoms of People Pleasing 1. You constantly worry about what others think of…

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Being Assertive at Work: A Real-Life Case Study

What does it look like to be assertive at work? In this article, I’m sharing a real-life example of being assertive at work from my life. I’m so excited to share this example with you because not only was I able to successfully get what I needed, but I also improved the relationship with my…

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How to Build Closer Friendships

3 things YOU should focus on if you want to build closer, more meaningful friendships.

If you’re someone who has a lot of friends, but your friendships feel very surface level, this is for you.

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