5-Month Confidence
Coaching Program

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5 months for only... $5,000

Ready to finally conquer self-doubt and build REAL confidence?

What you'll get with the Confidence Reimagined,
an exclusive private coaching program:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls: a dedicated hour each week for 5 months to work on building your confidence
  • Inside-out framework for transforming your relationships with yourself and others
    1. Self-awareness deep-dive: Break through the fears and beliefs holding you back from being your full self
    2. Become your own biggest ally: Learn to accept yourself fully so you can experience deeper growth
    3. Uncover fearless clarity: Discover your true values and goals, and what’s keeping you from them
    4. Reclaim your voice: Learn to speak up for yourself assertively, while improving your relationships 
    5. Stand your ground with grace: Set boundaries tactfully and develop healthy conflict resolution skills
  • Support applying confidence concepts to the real world: understand how to apply personal development ideas to real-life scenarios
  • Practical application of concepts: Stop dreaming of being more confident and start the process of actually becoming the person you want to be
  • Practice with difficult conversations: Role-play assertive communication, conflict resolution, and boundary setting
  • Accountability: A dedicated coach to provide feedback, encouragement, and compassionate real talk
  • Offline Support: text and voice message support via Slack for any questions you may have outside of our sessions