This is your year to STOP overthinking and START taking big action in your career. Let me show you how.

Book your consult ASAP! Doors to sign up for Confidence Coaching close on
Tuesday, Feb 28 @ 11 pm PST

How this consultation works:

I'll ask you questions about your career / business goals this year
We'll figure out which confidence skills you need in order to bring those goals to life, and I'll share how to build them
I'll tell you about how we can work together, share some big discounts, and answer any questions

After our call, I’ll send you a recap and the link to sign up for coaching. 

If you decide to enroll, you have until 11:59pm PST on Tuesday 2/28

Confidence Coaching at a glance:

How often we meet:
5 months of weekly 1-hour private Zoom calls to work on your next big career move

What we work on:
We decide on a big career goal for you to work on and the confidence skills you need to get there. Every week, we work on your mindset, get clear on next steps, and train you to think at the level you need in order to perform.

Throughout our time together, I’ll show you how to generate confidence on your own, so that at the end of 5 months you’ve not only taken the next big step in your career, but you have what it takes to thrive in it.

$810/month    (Ask me about my pay-in-full promo + decisiveness discounts!)

What Tali's coaching clients are saying...

Image of Tali

Hey, I'm Tali!

I’m a Confidence Coach, and I help awesome people like you build TRUE inner confidence.

I started teaching on this subject because I experienced the ripple effects of confidence on all parts of your life… relationships, friendships, work, business, and more.

Now, I run a private 5 month coaching program where I help people overcome self-doubt, speak up for themselves, and feel more empowered in their careers.

You can find me hanging out and sharing ideas on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.