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One private 50-minute Confidence Coaching session

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More Info about this FREE Coaching session

This Confidence Coaching session takes 50 minutes, and is done virtually via video call (Google Hangouts)

Confidence Coaching is for anyone who:

  • People pleases
  • Struggles to speak up for themselves
  • Downplays their needs around others
  • Struggles saying “no” in personal relationships (social, romantic, or family)

On this call, we’ll:

  1. Assess the areas of your life you wish to be more confident in
  2. Identify the mindsets that keep you from speaking up
  3. Come up with empowering thoughts and actions to help you become more confident in your personal life

This is not a sales call, and no purchase is required to redeem this offer. It’s just my way of giving back, while fine-tuning my latest coaching offer.

I may ask you for a testimonial or review after our session.

Image of Tali

Hey, I'm Tali!

I’m a Confidence Coach, and I help awesome people like you build TRUE inner confidence.

I started teaching on this subject because I experienced the ripple effects of confidence on all parts of your life… relationships, friendships, work, business, and more.

Now, I run a private 5 month coaching program where I help people overcome self-doubt, speak up for themselves, and feel more empowered in their lives.

My favorite topics to geek out about are self-worth and people pleasing. You can find me hanging out and sharing ideas on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.