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“Nice” vs People Pleasing: The 3 Crucial Differences

Are you being nice or people pleasing? Read on 3 psychological differences between a secure person who is also kind and an insecure person who’s people pleasing. Table of Contents: Nice vs People Pleasing (3 Key Differences) How to tell the difference between people pleasing and just being nice People Pleaser vs Secure Nice Person…

10 Signs You’re a People Pleaser

Think you might be people pleasing? Check out these 10 signs you might be a people pleaser, and the psychology behind them. Watch the video, or keep reading to learn the 10 most common people pleasing symptoms! Table of Contents: The 10 Symptoms of People Pleasing 1. You constantly worry about what others think of…

How to be Assertive Without Being Rude

If you struggle with people pleasing, you probably aren’t sure how to be assertive without being rude. Here are 5 steps to mastering assertive communication.

How to Build Closer Friendships

3 things YOU should focus on if you want to build closer, more meaningful friendships.

If you’re someone who has a lot of friends, but your friendships feel very surface level, this is for you.