Congrats!! You're in! 🎉

Woohoo! You’ve successfully enrolled in Confidence Reimagined Coaching! 

Investing in your personal growth is an important decision, so take a moment to just be proud of yourself for committing to do this work. I can personally speak to the transformative power of working with a coach, so I’m also stoked for you.

Ok, let’s talk next steps. In the next few days, be sure to:

  • Schedule your first month of coaching sessions
    • You’ll schedule calls 4 at a time (and feel free to book further into the future if you like!)
    • I suggest adding the scheduling page to your Favorites
  • Join the Slack workspace – this is where we can connect if you need support outside of our calls (you’ll be getting an invite shortly)
  • Keep an eye out for any emails from me with additional instructions

Thank you for taking this big step, and for trusting me to help you on your journey. I’m so honored to get to work with you as you build true confidence and lasting self-esteem. This is going to be awesome.


Talk to you soon!