Learn game-changing strategies to manage your inner critic and start trusting yourself!

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Ready to STOP overthinking and START feeling confident?

If you’ve been feeling paralyzed by self-doubt and wondering how to manage that loud inner critic, you’re going to love this workshop..

We’re going to cover a clean, simple strategy for managing self-doubt, AND I’ll walk you through how to apply it to your real-life examples so you know exactly how to respond next time it strikes.


This LIVE workshop is for you if you...

– Want to take that next big step, but are afraid of screwing everything up
– Feel paralyzed by a decision
– Spend a lot of time worrying about what could go wrong

But this isn’t just some theoretical concepts and ideas. This is the exact strategy I teach my coaching clients for moving forward when self-doubt strikes, and I’m not holding back.

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Hey, I'm Tali!

I’m a Confidence Coach, and I help awesome people like you build TRUE inner confidence.

I started teaching on this subject because I’ve experienced the ripple effects of confidence on all parts of your life… relationships, friendships, work, business, and more.

Now, I have a private 5 month coaching program where I help people overcome self-doubt, speak up for themselves, and feel more empowered in their lives.